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The Office of the Auditor General´s most important publications are Document 1 and the Document 3-series, which provide the Storting and the general public with information on the results of the audits.

The audit results can also be found summarised in the Annual report which is translated to English. Thie press releases of individual reports and selected reports from the Document 3-series are available in English through the Reports option from the menu above. 

Document 1

The OAG submits the results of its financial audit annually in Document 1.

Document 3-series

The results of performance audits are submitted in the Document  3-series. The results of each audit are submitted to the Storting as an individual report upon approval by the Board of Auditors General. Some reports are translated into English. The results of the annual corporate control is submitted as Document 3:2.

Administrative reports

Administrative reports are performance audits where the audit findings were less serious, and which will not be addressed by the Storting. They are sent to the Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs and the relevant ministries for information purposes.

Annual report

Each year the OAG publishes a summary of activities in Document 2 which is its annual report. The report contains short summaries of Document 1 and the reports in the Document 3-series published that year, an overview of international activities during the preceding year, a summary of activities and personnel statistics. This report is also published in English.

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