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Global cooperation

​The OAG participates in several areas to meet the goal of learning and development through professional dialogue globally, regionally and bilaterally. The most important areas are:

Develop public auditing internationally through INTOSAI

INTOSAI is the global organisation for SAIs. The organisation's main purpose is to facilitate the exchange of experience and professional collaboration. Norway is represented in the governing bodies, is the leader for parts of the professional development and participates in several working groups and standing committees.

Participate in the modernisation of public auditing and the use of new information technology

In 2017, we started an informal working partnership with a selection of SAIs that are at the forefront of digitalisation and automation: Brazil, the Netherlands and Finland. We have also had extensive contact with the British SAI about digitalisation and development of methods for the collection and processing of information.

Share experiences and work together with our Nordic partners

  • The Nordic auditors general meet annually. Particularly important themes in 2017 were auditing challenges linked to the digitalisation of government administration and how SAIs must ensure the external evaluation of their own audits.
  • In 2017, the decision was made to complete a parallel audit of digitalisation in the public sector between the Nordic SAIs in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The audit is to be based on a life event. That is, it shall describe how a resident encounters different public entities and processes in connection with certain situations.

Audit common challenges between Norway and other countries

  • In 2017, the Norwegian and Russian SAIs started a new joint audit the theme of which is the Norwegian-Russian environmental cooperation, with the Norwegian- Russian environmental commission as its starting point. This is useful for handling the cross-border environmental risks.
  • The OAG is collaborating with other SAIs to deal with common challenges in auditing the acquisition of F-35 fighter jets and the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme. This collaboration is useful because it allows us to share the results of audits that have been performed in the individual partner countries and gain knowledge about the risks that are shared by the partner countries.

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