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Corporate control

Nine percent of our auditing is corporate control.

Through corporate control, the OAG assesses whether the state's interests in companies etc. have been managed in accordance with parliamentary decisions. The control will shed light on conditions that are very important for society or fundamentally important on the basis of assess- ments of risk and importance for the relevant area. The control is performed on the basis of the following perspectives:

  • Compliance with statutes, regulations and decisions
  • Fulfilment of tasks on society's behalf and sector policy goals
  • Efficient and financially sound operation
  • Correct information to the Storting and the OAG

Audit of the management of companies with state ownership for 2016 – Document 3:2 (2017–2018)

The OAG's audit for 2016 covered 45 wholly owned private limited companies, 33 partly owned limited companies, 1 divided liability company, 7 public limited companies (ASA), 8 state enterprises, 4 regional health authorities and 7 companies covered by special legislation. Among these are 17 student welfare organisations.

The OAG's audit of the management of companies with state ownership for 2016 covered five performance audits:

  • Goals and indicators for the achievement of goals and efficient operation in wholly owned companies where the state has a social justification or a sector political goal for the ownership
  • Health enterprise practices for the discharge of somatic patients to the municipal health service
  • Efficiency in hospitals
  • Health enterprises' handling of secondary employment
  • Grants for research companies under the Ministry of Education and Research

In the OAG's annual control of, among other things, the Minister's report for the individual company, minutes from general meetings or similar, and annual reporting from companies, the following matters were raised:

  • Control of access to health information in health enterprises
  • Corporate governance in AS Vinmonopolet

Improvements in the management of companies

The OAG follows up on all cases concerning audits of the management of companies that have been considered by the Storting. The follow-up consists of checking that the ministries have implemented measures to rectify any weaknesses found. From 2017, the normal time horizon for the implementation of these audits has been extended from two to three years after consideration by the Storting. The results will be presented to the Storting in the annual Document 3:2 about the audit of the management of companies with state ownership.
As a result of the changed time horizon for follow-up and control, it was only applicable to report follow-up of one previously reported case in Document 3:2 (2017–2018) The OAG's audit of the management of companies with state ownership for 2016, which was delivered to the Storting on 12 December 2017. This was concerned with the management of companies where universities and colleges administer ownership interests, cf. Document 3:2 (2014–2015), which was also audited in 2016. The new follow-up showed that the Ministry of Education and Research has implemented measures to heighten awareness of the owner's different roles and that the ministry will consider making further changes that reinforce the follow-up of the ownership of state universities and colleges.

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