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Performance auditing

​28 % of our auditing, is performance auditing.

Through systematic analyses of finances, productivity, goal attainment and effects based on parliamentary decisions, the OAG shall furnish the Storting with relevant information about the implementation and effectiveness of government measures, including whether

  • The government administration uses resources to perform tasks in accordance with parlia- mentary decisions
  • The use of resources and tools in the administration is effective in meeting the targets that the Storting has set for the area
  • Regulations established by the Storting are complied with
  • The government administration's management tools, policy instruments and regulations are effective and expedient in relation to following up parliamentary decisions
  • The government provides the Storting with an adequate justification for its decisions
  • Central government implements adopted environmental policies in a manner that ensures compliance with the principle of sustainable development and good management of natural resources

Performance audits should be limited to matters of fundamental, financial or major social importance.

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