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  • – Essential safety measures are not being implemented in many tunnels

    ​Work to improve the safety of road tunnels has not progressed far enough. "Important upgrades have been initiated, but safety documentation is still not in place for many tunnels, and no fire drills are being carried out. Road users also do not have sufficient awareness of safe conduct in tunnels", said Auditor General Per-Kristian Foss.

  • Inadequate measures to combat working environment crime have little deterrent effect

    ​The efforts of the public authorities to combat social dumping and other working environment crime have insufficient deterrent effect. "The monitoring conducted by the Labour Inspection Authority and the police's investigations are not good enough, and the opportunities for collaboration and action must be better utilised. Public sector clients must comply with applicable regulations in connection with their own procurement", says Auditor General Per-Kristian Foss.

  • The Office of the Auditor General's investigation into the operational capability of the Frigate Branch

    The Office of the Auditor General has conducted an investigation to assess whether the Norwegian Armed Forces have established a Frigate Branch as anticipated by the Storting. The aim of the investigation was to shed light on the causes of any weaknesses and deficiencies, and the resultant implications for operational capability.

  • Activities in 2015

    ​Office of the Auditor General of Norway (OAG) submitted Document 2 (2015-2016) - A summary of the activities in 2015 - to the Storting 10th May 2016.

  • Significant variation in the follow-up of young people who have interrupted their upper secondary education and training

    ​Around 30 per cent of Norwegian students who start upper secondary education do not complete their education within five years. The challenges are particularly evident within vocational subjects. The follow-up they receive is quite variable. "The county authorities and the NAV offices should provide better follow-up of these young people," says Norway's Auditor General, Per-Kristian Foss.

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