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Tips-offs to the Office of the Auditor General

Through audits, the Office of the Auditor General must contribute to the prevention and discovery of irregularities in central government. The Office of the Auditor General has a computer-based tip-off facility. A total of 169 tip-offs were registered in 2017. Most tip-offs cannot be characterised as tip-offs about the misuse of funds, but may represent useful information for audits. The tip-offs will be considered and followed up by the section responsible. Tip-offs can be anonymous.

Handling tip-offs

The Office of the Auditor General is interested in receiving tip-offs about irregularities, or information leading to suspicions of irregularities or other blameable activities, within central government, and facilitates this via a computer-based tip-off facility.

All tip-offs are assessed. The information we receive is assessed in terms of significance and risk during the planning and execution of audits. Depending on the content, the Office of the Auditor General may consider initiating closer investigations.

In general, tip-offs are not replied to unless the Office of the Auditor General requires further information. The Office of the Auditor General is the audit agency of the Norwegian parliament, and does not perform audits at the request of the government or private interests. The results of the annual audit are reported to the Storting (Norwegian parliament) in Document 1, and the results of completed performance audits are reported on an ongoing basis in the Document 3 series.

Current circumstances to report may include:

  • corruption and financial irregularities such as theft and embezzlement
  • breaches of procurement regulations
  • misuse of subsidies

A tip-off should contain the following:

  • The organisation that the irregularities apply to
  • A specific description of the actual circumstances - what, when and, if applicable, who and how
  • If possible, reference to other sources/documents substantiating the information in the tip-off
  • If appropriate, the name and contact information of the submitter

External tip-off facility supplier

The Office of the Auditor General uses a third party (CTG AS) for the maintenance and operation of the tip-off solution. The information is encrypted on the CTG AS server and can only be read when it is transferred to the Office of the Auditor General. At no point does CTG AS have access to the tip-offs in plain text.

Tip-offs and transparency - sensitive information is removed

Documents in tip-off cases are subject to the same transparency regulations as other documents received in the public sector.

In other words, sensitive information will not be made public. This applies to sensitive personal information, information about technical installations and approaches, information which may have commercial significance and information about breaches of the law.

The Office of the Auditor General will assess whether to make tip-offs, messages or similar documents regarding breaches of the law public. This is laid out in § 24, 2nd paragraph of the Freedom of Information Act.

Anonymity and access

You have the option of submitting anonymously. Regardless of whether you give your name or submit anonymously, the tip-off will be handled in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to governmental procedures. This means that as soon as you have supplied your name, the Office of the Auditor General cannot promise anonymity. In addition, this means that if there is no basis for the non-disclosure of the document, you may be able to be identified through the information you have sent to the Office of the Auditor General.

The Office of the Auditor General adheres to the Freedom of Information Act, which means that enquiries outside of the tip-off programme will not normally be exempt from public availability, including the name of the submitter where provided. Information that does not fall under the exemption provisions in the Freedom of Information Act may be published or be granted access to upon request or through a decision by the Ombudsman.

How to tip off the Office of the Auditor General

Tip-offs can be supplied via:

  • The tip-off facility
  • Regular e-mail:
  • Telephone: + 47 22 24 10 00
  • Mail: Riksrevisjonen, Postboks 8130 Dep., 0032 Oslo

The Office of the Auditor General recommends sending tip-offs through the electronic tip-off facility.

In this way, you can ensure anonymity when attaching files

If you wish to attach files as an appendix to your submission and want to be anonymous, we recommend anonymising the attachments.

This can be done with Microsoft Office files as follows:

  • Open the document, select “Save As”
  • Select the save location and save as a PDF file type
  • Then click “Options” and deselect “Document properties” and “Document structure tags for accessibility”.
  • Click .

You have now ensured that any traceable information is not saved with the file.

In the case of image files and other file types, we recommend investigating the available options for deleting traceable elements in the file.

If this proves difficult, we recommend writing or pasting the text in your submission to the tip-off programme.

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