Our international engagement

Our international engagement

The OAG participates in international activities, organizations and events. Our aim is to strengthen the importance of public auditing internationally and to learn and develop through professional dialogue.

Strengthening the importance of public auditing internationally

Support for SAIs in developing countries

Good governance and combating corruption are high-priority areas of focus within Norwegian and international aid. We work to strengthen the impact of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to improve the management of shared resources.

We collaborate with SAIs in

  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Sierra Leone
  • AFROSAI-E (an association of English-speaking SAIs in Africa)

Auditing of the extraction industry

The extraction of minerals, gas and oil plays a vital role in many of our partner countries and can bring in large revenues, while at the same time there are major risks associated with the sector.

We have established a programme to ensure systematic, knowledge-based and unified assistance to the auditing of state management of petroleum and mineral resources.

Through this programme, we support

  • Sierra Leone
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • INTOSAI's international working group for extraction industry auditing

ICT auditing

While the increased use of electronic tools and large and complex ICT systems in the central governments of various countries has provided gains in effectiveness, it also leads to increased risk of and vulnerability to misuse and manipulation.

The OAG has a team of ICT auditors who work across aid projects. The team has helped to develop and implement a programme under the direction of AFROSAI-E with the aim of creating regional experts who will be able to assist in building capacity in southern Africa.

Auditing of international organisations

We want to promote greater transparency and better management in international organisations of which Norway is a member. We therefore take on the responsibility of external auditor for international organisations.

The OAG's portfolio for auditing international organisations includes:

  • European Patent Office
  • European Space Agency
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Learning and development through professional dialogue

We participates in several activities, organizations and events to learn and develop through professional dialogue globally, regionally and bilaterally. This gives us access to a broad network through which to discuss current audit problems and share information and experience internationally.

Develop public auditing internationally through INTOSAI

The OAG has the chair and the secretariat for the INTOSAI Performance Audit Subcommitte. In addition, we contribute to the committees responsible for professional development in financial, compliance and performance auditing.

We are also responsible for the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), which is a development body for SAIs in developing countries. The IDI contributes to improved auditing capacity in more than 140 SAIs through needs-based, targeted and sustainable development programmes. 

Participate in the modernisation of public auditing and the use of new information technology

We collaborate with a selection of SAIs at the forefront of data analysis, visualisation and automation. We share our own experiences widely in order to help the SAIs of other countries to improve their reports and to make the production of these reports more efficient.

International collaboration and exchange of experience

We work on parallel audits together with other countries on a number of topics, and share the results of the audits and gain knowledge of the risks that are common to the partner countries. 

The Nordic auditors general meet annually.